I used to like making up stories as a kid. Always wanted to try it professionally, and after graduating with a degree in Biology that I knew I was never gonna use, invested all my money in a famous football team, enabling myself to spend the whole of my twenties working part-time. This left plenty of spare hours for drinking, smoking, poetry and aimless wandering until I finally found myself approaching thirty without a hell of a lot to show for it apart from a CCE in Creating Writing, an addiction to alcohol and approaching debt. So I escaped to Asia to become an English teacher where I’ve kept the drinking and socialising at an arms length, keeping myself busy writing stories for various websites across the net. English Slacker, my first novel, is based on personal experiences with the wonderful world of escapism. From opening a bottle of wine to the bottom of an empty whisky glass. What happened in between was often fun, ultimately self-destructive, and always a journey to remember. That’s all in my past now however. These days you’re more likely to find me stuck in front of the TV with my wife, cat, cup of tea and packet of digestive biscuits.

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